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Why invest in Backoffice?

Out of date content management systems contribute to loses for companies trying to modernize their business. We help them become more productive by putting their work processes in place, so our customers have more time to focus on their business than to worry about the process.

Some of the benefits:

Shorter employee onboarding time
Faster performance
Happier employees
Monetary benefits

At the core of a successful project

Understanding the end user

Employees will be the main users of the system, so we take a close look at their everyday roles to better understand their needs

Tailoring solutions for your company

Every company is unique and so is their work processes. That's why we create systems tailored for you

Letting the technologies do the work

As technology evolves, many of the current processes can be automated, releasing time for employees to perform other duties

Validating assumptions

We test different ideas and assumptions with prototypes, it allows us to detect and eliminate potential errors before the development stage, thus significantly reducing project costs

Digital notes for dentists

Derec is a mobile application for dentists whose main task is to replace the current practice of writing notes with a more modern, digital solutions. It allows users to better organize their work, monitor and give more insightful information about patients.

All the data in one place

All patient information is now stored in one place, allowing dentists to access important information about their patients faster and easier than before, by taking handwritten notes

Benefits decision making

The application can better monitor the patient's conditions over the years, which makes it possible to better assess all aspects when deciding on the necessary treatment

Multimedia content management system

All Media Baltics
AMB approached us with a desire to improve the daily lives of employees, creating a system that would be easy to work with and help new employees, especially those with little experience in the media field, to work more efficiently. The development of the new system also made it possible to reflect on how to improve and make existing processes more efficient and effective.

Improved content management

With the growing technology and people's desire to view content on multiple devices, it increased the amount of data needed to be processed. We structured the control system so that it can process more data with less human resources

Faster, more beautiful, more efficient

The new system is designed to make it as easy as possible to use and improve workers daily lives, without overloading them with non-essential information and ensuring pragmatic content creation

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